Who We Are

First and foremost, we are about Jesus, who was sent by God to pay the price that we could not pay. He died on the cross to take our sins upon Himself, and He rose to life so that anyone who believes in Him can be raised into new
life as well.

We are about the gospel, because it’s the only truth that is able to save a person. And having been born again and given new life, we are about being part of a healthy family of believers, living together and being an expression of the character of God on this earth.

He did not call us to live safe, secluded lives, but to be part of a family that grows together, lays down their lives for each other, sacrifices for each other and reaches out to the world around us.

To this end we are one church with one heart, but made up of four congregations so that we can focus on discipleship and spread into different regions and areas.

Our Four12 Partnership

Oxygen Life Church has formalised a partnership with a growing global community of churches called Four12. This partnership of churches is headed up by Andrew Selley, lead elder of Joshua Generation Church in Cape Town.

Having recognised Andrew’s apostolic gifting and partnered with him since Oxygen Life was planted, the partnership with Four12 was simply a more formalised linking in with what we recognise as a pattern for healthy churches.

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Our Partnership