Visiting Us
What to Expect

The meetings of our three congregations on a Sunday are just one aspect of what it means to be part of the church, but for many people it’s the first introduction to church life. We trust you’ll feel welcome as soon as you walk through the door, and enjoy getting to know a few people before the meeting starts.

There’s a general structure to our meeting times, involving a greeting and announcements, spending time worshipping together and having someone give a message from the front. Our children are in the meeting from the start and through a portion of the worship time before they head out to Kidz Ablaze, where they’re taught by our amazing leaders.

During our worship times we encourage people to be free to express themselves, as well as to recognise it as a time when gifts like prophetic words can operate. We believe in preaching and teaching that is based on the Bible, led by the Spirit and will build up and envision the body. So our meeting times have a clear structure, but the structure is there to serve what God wants to do, not the other way round.

Meeting Times

Walmer AM congregation: 9am
Walmer PM congregation: 5pm
Western Suburbs congregation: 5pm 

Kids and Youth

We want for our kids to know Jesus, even from a young age – to have a personal relationship with Him. To be filled by the Holy Spirit. To be used in their schools and families as shining lights for the love of God.

We want to see a young generation shaking the planet for Jesus! Our teens need to be equipped with the knowledge of who He is and what His will is for people. They need to know how to apply the truths of the Bible in their communities, home lives, school lives and every other area.