Looking In

Looking In is a meeting that takes place about four times a year, or once a term. It takes place at The Base, our building on the corner of 2nd Avenue and Heugh Road in Walmer, and is a chance for visitors to meet some of our leaders and hear more about the church. 

We encourage all visitors to come to our Looking In meeting, because it’s a great way to get to know the elders and leaders, as well as coming into a greater understanding as to the pattern we see in the Bible and want to live in.

If you're new to Oxygen Life, listen during our Sunday announcements or check our weekly emails to find out when our next Looking In meeting is.  


Communities, which can also be called home groups or cell groups, are where we're able to practically apply the devotion, sincerity and unity that we see in the description of the early church in Acts 2:42-47. In smaller groups and in each other's homes, we're able to be the family that God has called us to be. It's in this context that we really live as the church in the depth of our relationships, beyond a Sunday meeting. That's why being part of a community group is integral to being part of Oxygen Life Church; it’s the context where deeper friendships develop and where discipleship takes place. Our communities are divided across our two congregations, and below you'll find a list of the community leaders:

Walmer AM congregation:

- Shaun and Angie Harrison (Glendinningvale)
- Robbie and Kerri Roelofse (Humewood)

- Ryan and Kirsten Brewerton (Greenshields/Sardinia Bay) 

- Wynand and Riana Nel (Walmer)
- Tim and Debbie Dubber (Walmer)
- Johann and Michelle Lourens (Humewood)

- Jethro and Naomi Oosterbroek (Lorraine)
- Natio and Keri Meyer (Greenshields Park) 
- Werner and Emma Strydom (Humewood) 
- Lodie and Leanne Waller (Walmer) 

- Chris and Carmen Faragher (Springfield) 
- Fred Sematimba (Summerstrand) 

- Tebogo and Faith Matsela, Xoli Ngukumeshe (Qeberha)

- Jannik Germishuys and Gillion Veary (Walmer) 
- Kellan Harrison and Danielle Blignaut (Mount Croix) 

- Derrick and Leigh Rudman (Park Drive)


Walmer PM congregation:

- Rob and Helna Brown (Walmer/Summerstrand)

- Hubert and Joy van der Merwe (Humewood)
- Guy Hart (Humewood) 

- Stephen and Sara Grewar (Summerstrand)
- Scott and Mel Kelly (Central) 

- Dean Smith-Belton (Park Drive/Humewood)
- Jem King and Robynn King (Summerstrand)
- Jochenn Oberholster (Walmer) 

- Jonny and Eden Gilmour (Summerstrand campus)
- Vukile Mnyande (Summerstrand) 

- Dave and Ally McGillivray (Walmer)
- Matt and Shan Wright (Walmer/Summerstrand)

- Grant and Tennielle Ah Shene (Charlo)

Western Suburbs congregation:

- Antal Mieswinkel (Linton Grange / Lorraine) 

- Catherine Lochead (Mirimar / Lorraine)
Ray and Kelly Dawson (Westering / Rowallan Park) 


For any information about any of our communities, mail admin@oxygenlife.co.za