Church Life
Being a part

Being part of a church is exactly that – being part. It’s about connecting and contributing. It’s about finding ways to use our spiritual gifts to build others up, even as we receive from those who are building into our lives. We want to be a body full of people playing their part, and there are many ways to be involved.


Communities, which can also be called home groups or cell groups, are smaller gatherings of people who meet during the week in each other’s homes.

Looking In

Looking In is a meeting that takes place about four times a year, or once a term. It takes place at The Base, our building on the corner of 2nd Avenue and Heugh Road in Walmer, and is a chance for visitors to meet some of our leaders and hear more about the church.

Kidz Ablaze
Young hearts on fire for God

Children are a gift from the Lord, and are like weapons in the hand of a warrior. Those who have many of them are blessed! (Psalm 127:4,5) We are privileged to have many children in Oxygen Life Church, and we do not take this responsibility lightly. We love the children entrusted to our community of believers, and want to see each one know Jesus from a young age. Our desire is to see them filled by the Spirit so that they can impact their schools, families and friends with the love of God. We have passionate Kidz Ablaze leaders in place, who love our children and connect with them through fun, crafts, worshipping God and learning about Jesus together. 

Registration starts at 20min before the service on Sunday mornings and evenings, in the foyer of the venue. The kids worship with the rest of the church until it is announced that they can go, so we look forward to you and your children visiting us.

Kidz Ablaze Resources
Surge, Core & Combustion

Surge is our amazing junior youth, which meets every Friday night from 7 - 9 at different houses around the city to have fun together and to meet with Jesus! If you're in Grade 6 or 7, we want you to join in, and you can email Andy Beyers ( to find out where we'll be.


Core is our high school children's ministry in our AM congrgetaion. Every 3rd Sunday of the month, they leave the service directly after worship in order to connect and be equipped with the word of God. If you'd like to join us at the next session you can contact Fred Sematimba via the church office at 

Combustion is our high school youth group, which meets every Friday night from 7 - 9:30 at The Base. We get together to play games, spend time together, worship, encounter God, encourage each other and connect. We'd love you to join us if you're between the ages of 13 and 18, and we want to see your life ignited by Jesus! If you want any more info, you can email Dave McGillivray on

Isithembiso Babies Home

Isithembiso Babies Home is a place of safety for children from birth to 3 years old who have been abandoned, abused or neglected.


We nurture, love and help to develop their physical, emotional and cognitive abilities, working hand-in-hand with social services to place each precious child with a foster or adoptive home or reunite them with their families. We’re able to provide a safe, healthy and loving family environment for a maximum of 6 children at any given time in one of our two homes.

Since 2005 and we have cared for more than 100 babies.


The home was birthed in the heart of Brad Verreynne, lead elder of Oxygen Life Church, and officially opened its doors on 1 November 2005. Since then, we have seen many inspiring displays of God's provision, which continues to this day as we work as hard as we can to speak up for those who can't speak for themselves and defend their rights.


For more information or to donate visit


We have freely been given the most expensive and extravagant gift in all of history – the gift of the Son of God laying down His life for us. In light of that, how can we not be a generous people? Because of how much we’ve received in Jesus, we believe in a lifestyle of generously giving of our resources.



The tithe was put in place during the time of the Old Testament, when people would devote a tenth of what they had – whether it was crops, plunder, livestock or money – to the Lord. It was a way of continually being reminded that it had come from God, and that the first part was devoted to Him as a way of honouring Him. Today we live under the New Testament, the age of grace. But that doesn’t mean we don’t devote what we have to Him.

In fact, we have even more reason to honour Him with our possessions! So we encourage the tithe – giving a tenth of our gross incomes to the church to be used for the work of the Lord. Our ability to earn comes from Him, so it’s a good place to start when it comes to honouring God with our money. Other areas of giving and sowing generously take place over and above the tithe, but God has promised that if we sow generously we will reap generously, even if that only happens in the life to come.

There are three other avenues within the life of the church where we encourage generous giving, namely the Generosity Cupboard, our Building Fund and Isithembiso Babies Home. 

Generosity Cupboard

The Generosity Cupboard is one of the avenues in the church where we have an opportunity to help the needy among us and share what we have. As the church has grown, so has the number of people among us who have basic needs to be met. The prevailing value we have as a church family is that when a need arises within a community, those who are in community with these particular people help them with groceries, food vouchers and more.

Once a month, every community collects basic food and toiletry items, which are then dropped off at the church office and put into packages. When the need arises, these are then distributed to people in the church who are in need. Other items delivered to the Generosity Cupboard are clothing and household items like electrical appliances, beds, linen, furniture and clothing.

Building Fund

Along with the excitement of finally securing our own permanent venue (yay!), we also have the responsibility of monthly bond payments. For years people have been putting money into the building fund by faith, sowing into what was unseen.

The building is now ours, but we need to keep giving by faith as we pay off a venue that will be used as a base for the gospel for future generations. The building fund has its own bank account, under the name Bethany Trust, and the details are as follows: 

Bethany Trust
Current Account
Acc no: 106 540 8145
Branch: 198 765 


Isithembiso Babies Home

Isithembiso, our home of safety for abandoned, abused or neglected babies, fulfils a very practical and urgent need in the community. To do this, the home itself has some very practical needs that must be met every month.

To that end monthly financial partnership, or project partnership is vital for the upkeep and success of the home. 

To partner with us or to donate, click on the link below. 

click here