Four12 Leadership Equip and Connect Time

Brad Verreynne
October 3, 2014

We’re into the third day of an equipping and relationally connecting time for about 30 people involved in specific leadership roles within the Four12 partner churches. We are staying in a newly acquired property owned by Joshua Generation Church, situated in the quaint town of Wellington. Josh Gen has just purchased this property as an investment, and it will serve as a multi-purpose base for their Bible school, local church venue and training and equipping facility. This is a massive piece of property, a little over 6 hectares to be exact, and as per usual has come with a testimony of God's faithfulness and people’s co-operation with Him making it all possible. Needless to say, this brave bunch of people called Josh Gen have risen to the occasion, which has included extravagant giving of their time, skills and finances. In fact, last weekend over 500 Josh Genners rocked up here to help prepare this property for our leadership time here. Over 500. That's insane. 500 people giving up their weekend to participate in renovating and preparing this physical piece of real estate for kingdom advancement to take place within its borders! C'mon!

So here we are, 3 days in and we have had such a good time together. We’ve had report-backs from the various regions as to what God is doing in them. Andrew (the Four12 apostolic leader) has taught powerfully on various subjects such as the presence of God, what a model church looks like based on Paul's letter to the Thessalonian church, and growing the church. All the teaching has been exceptionally practical, with Andrew's wisdom coming to the fore and also the heart of God being shown through him in both a wonderful and challenging way.

Ange and I are really grateful for the partnership with Andrew and others who have linked their hearts and vision with his. The Spirit is at work among us; we have also had some intimate times of worship together, where the Spirit has spoken to us through impressions and a dream, and where He has come upon us in a tangible way, filling us with love, peace and courage!

Next week is gonna be a blast, where we meet together for three days for a Four12 Global conference in Cape Town. I can't wait! If you couldn't make it this year, make a plan for the next! These times are ALWAYS life changing! See you in PE next week Sunday – enjoy Sam and Fiona Peters, who are with us this Sunday the 5th October. Wish we were there!

Love Brad