Must Have More

Brad Verreynne
May 9, 2013

I feel a rising,

I can't contain.

My God its painful

But I won't change it.

A consuming fire

I have come to know.

A blazing passion,

I want to know no less

Reality weighs, O so heavy

But heavens pull

Draws ever stronger.

I'm coming God,

My flesh is weak

But YOU are mightier.

I'm coming to worship,

To bow down.

To seek your face.

I don't care about anything else,

You have wrecked me

I can never be the same.

I'm addicted to You,

I must have more.

My heart longing

My body aching

Mind racing…

…Jesus you are insanely awesome!

I don't want more of this earth with less of you.

It all only makes sense and comes alive with You!

Break my pride, my independence,

My earthliness.

Break my fears, Break me God,

To fill me. I must have more of You!