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Aquafresh or Colgate?

Ant Meek
October 1, 2014

“Aquafresh or Colgate?”

That’s one of the first questions you’re likely to hear if you’re visiting Combustion.  It’s a loaded question we ask every newcomer each Friday evening: Loaded because there is always a passionate response to whichever answer you give – depending, of course, on which likeminded supporters you’ve pleased!

Dental hygiene isn’t the only aspect that we are interested in at Combustion. That’s because we are especially excited to see high school teenagers being radically impacted by Jesus. We want to see Him touch our lives powerfully! Whether it’s through having fun and fellowship together by playing games, or being blessed in the Holy Spirit’s presence as we worship Him, or by growing in our understanding of the Bible as we camp around His wonderful Word, we are hungry for more of God!

We have truly seen Jesus touch hearts amazingly the last couple of weeks! One teenager, after being prayed for at Combustion, received instant healing from back pain and was greatly encouraged by God’s love for him. Another has seen God come through miraculously for him and his mom in the area of finances and accommodation after recommitting his life to Jesus. We have also seen a number of teens giving their lives to Jesus for the first time, and getting baptised in response to His grace. Healings, provision, recommitments, salvations, baptisms! Praise You, Lord!!

We are so thankful to Jesus for what He is doing! Combustion is His, and we are so blessed to watch Him lead and touch our lives!

Combustion meets every Friday at Greenwood Primary School in Park Drive from 7:00 – 9:30pm. If you find yourself between the ages of thirteen and eighteen, please come join us!