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Two stories from Inferno

Dave McGillivray
September 10, 2014

Greetings from the energetic kids’ side of the church! WOW! What a privilege it is to be working with the children in Oxygen Life Church! There is so much life in Kidz Ablaze, and I’m keen to share a bit of what's been happening in our children's ministry. We have five different age groups (not counting the toddlers age group, called Sunbeams). These age groups are led by an incredible team of 27 leaders, and the team is 30-strong if you count our admin overseers! I find it extremely encouraging to see the dedication and servant hearts of all these leaders, and because of their lives, there is an overflow of life and energy into Kidz Ablaze. Our leaders aim towards building relationships with the children and try their best to facilitate an environment where the Holy Spirit can do what he wants. As a result, there are testimonies coming out every week of the Holy Spirit doing things in the lives of our children! Our oldest age group is called Inferno, and we want to see a passion for Jesus burning in their hearts. Here are two short testimonies from one of our Inferno children:

“One night Craig was struggling to sleep – every time he fell asleep he would momentarily stop breathing, which would then wake him up again. It was quite a scary experience for him, so he called his brother Robbie, who proceeded to pray for him. Robbie prayed that any demonic oppression would leave in Jesus’ name. At that moment Craig had a vivid image of the devil sitting in his (Craig’s) room on an armchair, and as Robbie commanded him to leave, the devil jumped up and dashed out of the room. Needless to say, Craig slept perfectly well after that. The following evening Craig attended The Tribe youth group at Harvest, where he functioned in the prophetic for the first time. He was prophesied over by other youths, and he proceeded to prophecy over and pray for some others. The same occurred a week later at The Tribe, when he attended and experienced the Spirit further. His experience of freedom from physical bondage boosted his faith and destroyed the work of fear in his life!”

Andrea is one of our long-time faithful leaders in Inferno, and she tells the following testimony: 

One week during Inferno we did a teaching on prophecy. We broke into small groups to practice prophesying over each other, and James was prophesied over in our group. I was happy to see all the kids get involved, but the prophetic words didn’t seem to be particularly memorable. Despite this, James came to me afterwards and thanked me for prophesying. He was so energised and wanted to know more about prophecy and about what the pictures meant, and what he should do about them. I said the first thing he should do is write them down, so he proceeded to nag his dear mother all week to buy a nice journal that he can keep these words in. He managed to get one a few days later, and has since been journaling consistently.”

How encouraging are these two testimonies! I'm excited to be a part of a church family where leaders are digging into children's lives, forming relationships, praying for them, and trusting for the prophetic to break out amongst them! Continue to pray for us that we would be willing vessels for God to use us in Kidz Ablaze!

Love Dave